Converter Duty Transformers

URJA is a leading converter duty transformer manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Converter duty transformer is a special purpose transformer also called as solar transformer.

Converter duty transformers are used as step up transformer in solar power generation plants.

The photovoltaic cells from solar panels absorb the heat and light from sun rays and generates flow of electrons. The current generated is direct current (DC) which is then converted into alternating current by an inverter. The voltage is of few kilo volts and is fed as input to the primary side of converter duty transformer which is then stepped up to the required voltage and fed to power grid.

Converter duty transformers have very durable and hassle free to be used by desired clients. It comes with an automatic on/off cooling option.

One of the main differences from other types of converter transformers is that the load currents contain higher harmonics due to the distorted waveform. The converter to the transformer causes the distorted current waveform. This has to be considered since current leads to higher losses & temperatures in the transformer. Network regulations also require reduction of harmonic distortion.

  • Our converter duty transformer manufacturing range is upto 20 MVA, 33kV.
  • Cooling method employed is Oil Natural Air natural (ONAN)

We supply converter duty transformers to United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Other African Nations, Australia, Nepal and Bangladesh.

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