Rectifier Transformers

URJA has established itself as a leading rectifier transformer manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India. We manufacture three phase rectifier transformers complying with IS, IEC, BS & CE standards.

Rectifier Transformers are suitable for 6 or 12 pulse operation with options of different winding connections on primary & secondary windings with or without inter phase transformer. Our manufacturing capacity of these Power rectifier transformers ranges up to 5 KVA DC with primary voltage up to 33 KV.

ONAN / ONAF / OFWF cooling options are provided with conventional pressed steel radiators in these rectifying transformers. These electrical rectifier transformers are designed suitably to withstand harmonics generated in the system to avoid overheating of core and windings.

We manufacture and export wide range of rectifier transformers, power rectifier transformers, electrical rectifier transformers, electrical power transformers, rectifying transformers, 12 pulse rectifying transformer, 6 pulse rectifying transformer, 12 pulse rectifier transformer, 6 pulse rectifier transformer, cooling transformers and industrial rectifier transformers.

Application of Rectifier Transformer in following industries:
Automobile,Plastic,Chemical, Steel, Textile, Engineering, Refineries, Mining, Captive Power Projects, Hydro Power Projects, Wind Mill Farms, Construction Houses, Cement, Pharmaceuticals, Electrical, Electronics, Renewable Energy.

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