Power Transformers

URJA has established itself as a leading Power Transformer manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India. We manufacture three phase Power Transformers complying with Indian and international applicable standards such as IS 2026, IS 6600, IEC 60076, BS & CE standards.

Power transformer is used to transfer electrical energy in any part of electrical circuit between the generator and distribution primary circuits and works on the principle of Faradays law of electromagnetic induction. These transformers are big in size compared to distribution transformers and are mostly used in high voltage transmission network to step up or step down the voltage.

Power transformers can be classified based on three types of ranges varying from 500 KVA to 100 MVA and beyond. Small range power transformers can be from 500 KVA to 7500 KVA. Medium range power transformers can be upto 100 MVA and large range power transformers vary from 100 MVA and beyond.

Our transformers have high load bearing capacity which makes them suitable for high usage. URJA’s manufacturing range for power transformers goes upto 20 MVA i.e. 20,000 KVA. The maximum voltage class is upto 33 kV.However it can be further increased upto 66 kV based on customer requirement. For cooling purpose our power transformers have been equipped with ONAN (oil natural air natural) / ONAF (oil natural air forced) systems. Our product works at a frequency 50 Hz. Vector group used is Dyn11. We provide of the circuit and on load tap changers as per customer requirement for taping range of transformer manufactured by us. Winding material used is copper. Also the impedance provided is kept in line with standards specified.

We have grown our product reach and supply on Pan India level. Our power transformers are exported to Romania, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, America, Poland, Turkey, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Application of Rectifier Transformer in following industries :
Automobile, Plastic, Chemical, Steel, Textile, Engineering, Refineries, Mining, Captive Power Projects, Hydro Power Projects, Wind Mill Farms, Construction Houses, Cement, Pharmaceuticals, Electrical, Electronics, Renewable Energy.

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