Earthing Transformers

Urja Techniques (India) Private Limited is an established manufacturer, supplier and exporter of earthing transformers. We export earthing transformers to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Romania, Italy, France, Spain, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh & Nepal.

Earthing transformers are used in EHV Duty substation and even in other industries.
We manufacture earthing transformers as per IS 3151, IEC 60076 standards.

Our earthing transformer manufacturing range is Upto 5 MVA, 33kV. Method of cooling employed is Oil Natural Air Natural (ONAN) with conventional pressed steel radiators.

Earthing transformers are used to create a neutral point in a three-phase system, which provides possibility for neutral earthing. The earthing can be through an arc-suppression reactor, a neutral earthing reactor or resistor are directly in these earth transformers. Earthing transformers are usually oil immersed and may be installed outdoor. In cases where a separate reactor is connected between the earth transformer neutral and earth, the reactor and the transformer can be incorporated in the same tank.

Neutral earthing transformers are normally provided in 3-phase system, which is without neutral and earth fault protection.

Neutral earthing transformer is havezig-zag (interstar) winding to achieve the required zero phase impedance. In addition an auxiliary winding can also be provided to meet the requirement of auxiliary power supply in these electrical earthing transformers.

Application of earthing transformer in following industries:

Refineries, Chemical, Plastic, Cement, Mining, Engineering,Textile,Captive Power Projects, Hydro Power Projects, Wind Mill Farms, Construction Houses, Pharmaceuticals, Electrical, Electronics, Renewable Energy, Automobile, Steel.

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