Hermetically Sealed Transformer

Hermetically sealed oil transformer replaces the need for conservator. The term hermetically sealed means that it is a type of sealing which prevents the passage of air, oxygen, any other gases or liquid. Thus it is impervious to outside environment.

Hermetically sealed transformers implement the same concept in design and seal the dielectric insulating fluid from the external environment. Since the transformer is completely sealed it prevents the air from entering and thereby avoids oxidation and sludging of dielectric fluid.

URJA is a leading three-phase hermetically sealed transformer manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India. Our transformers are manufactured as per Indian and International Standard IEC 60076.

Hermetically sealed transformers are used in areas where frequent maintenance is neither possible nor feasible due to exposed environmental conditions. They require zero maintenance and are totally maintenance free.

These transformers are fitted with devices that measure volume variations in dielectric fluid due to heat.
Usually nitrogen is used as an input gas for gas cushioning which compensates the volume variation.

Dielectric fluid used is natural ester oil, which has a Flash point of 275 Degrees Celsius and Fire point of 300 Degrees Celsius.

Our Manufacturing range:

  • KVA rating: Upto 3150 KVA, 33kV
  • Cooling method: Oil Natural Air Natural (ONAN)

Application of Hermetically sealed transformers:
Hermetically sealed transformers are used in Cement, Mining, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Steel, Textile, Engineering, Plastic, Residential and Automobile.

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